Jess Birkbeck

Jess Birkbeck Personal Trainer at Unit Saddleworth

Personal Trainer

£45 for 1 hour session/ buddy session
£180 per month for 1 session a week + coaching
£340 per month for 2 sessions a week + coaching
£460 per month for 3 sessions a week + coaching

Jess is a personal trainer and yoga teacher specialising in functional movement, fitness and mobility. Helping clients to be the fittest, healthiest and strongest versions of themselves. Jess ensures clients learn skills in the gym that can be applied to everyday life and helps clients work towards their goals no matter how big or small. Jess has helped lots of people make fitness part of their weekly routine whether they are a more experienced gym goer or a complete beginner. Her approachable style will make you feel at ease and she aims for you to feel confident in and outside of the gym!