Hope Olivia

Hope Olivia Personal Trainer at Unit Saddleworth

Personal Trainer

1 session/ week – £160/month
2 sessions/week – £320 /month
3 sessions/week – £480/month
1 session- £40
Pair session- £60

My aim is to get people in the gym, feeling confident in themselves, and prove that you can enjoy achieving your goals. I work with both females and males and specialise in fat loss, muscle building and nutrition. I want to build a team that everyone feels they can join and network in for advice, make gym friends and just feel part of the gym community. I focus on you as an individual and personalise all nutrition and training plans for you to best achieve your goals. We will work on daily habits that are sustainable and we can create a lifestyle that fits you best. Weather you want to be pushed to your limits, or just feeling comfortable in the gym environment, i got you!

Contact: HopeOliviaPT@outlook.com