Hannah Firbank

Hannah Firbank Personal Trainer at Unit Saddleworth

Personal Trainer

Single session £55
6 sessions & online coaching = £330
12 sessions & online coaching = £560

Hannah is all about individual-centred coaching, putting your confidential values at the forefront of any health changes you make together. This could include physical changes, strength goals, improving body image, nutrition knowledge and help to break unhelpful eating habits for life.

Hannah’s worked with clients of all levels – from clients never entering a gym before, to National sports teams needing specific training.

Hannah’s passionate, enthusiastic coaching style will support you, push you, focus you, and help you gain confidence in yourself and the gym environment. She’s there to help you create healthy, sustainable habits you can use forever. The whole process is designed to give you a sense of euphoria – you can take on anything you feel so good!

Contact: hannah@firbankfitness.co.uk