Callum Hirst

Callum Hirst Personal Trainer at Unit Saddleworth

Personal Trainer

Single session = £55
Buddy Sessions = £65
Groups (3 or more) = £25pp

1 Session per week + Coaching Package = £199 p/m
2 Sessions per week + Coaching Package = £380 p/m
3 Sessions Per Week + Coaching Package = £540 p/m

With over 8 years of experience coaching athletes from the elite level to the recreational level, Callum is your go-to man for athletic preparation. With his undergraduate degree in sport and exercise science, and master’s degree in strength and conditioning, accompanied by a specialist conditioning certification, Callum is an internationally recognised coach with the knowledge and experience to help you unlock your true athletic potential.

From international academies to Sunday league, whether your goal is to become the next gold medalist or improve general fitness and appearance, Callum is on hand to lay the building blocks you need to elevate your game.