Ben Longton

Ben Longton Personal Trainer at Unit Saddleworth

Personal Trainer

1 training session / week (4 x 60 minute sessions) @ £168 pcm / £42 per session
2 training sessions / week (8 x 60 minute sessions) @ £320 pcm / £40 per session
3 training sessions / week (12 x 60 minute sessions) @ £456 pcm / £38 per session
One off 60 minute session – £50
Group sessions offered at an additional £10 per person per session, up to 3 people
An online training program added on would be an extra £90 pcm (28% off to in person clients) and is highly recommended to all.
Online coaching is also offered as a sole product

Ben, an experienced CrossFit CF-L1 trainer and PT, provides tailored training packages that include both in-person and online coaching. With a strong passion for fitness and active participation in CrossFit competitions, Ben is dedicated to breaking down barriers and helping you achieve extraordinary athletic feats beyond your imagination.
Specialising in Olympic lifting, gymnastics, strength training, and conditioning, Ben helps clients reach their fitness goals by focusing on skill enhancement and monitoring progress. Regardless of their current fitness level, Ben assists individuals in excelling in various athletic activities.

Clients have the option to select from a range of training packages and can take advantage of a discounted online program for consistent training and accelerated progress.

Reach out to Ben for further details and unleash your full athletic potential; you’ll be glad you did.